When is it time to replace your concrete

If you’ve got a concrete driveway, eventually, you’ll have for replacement.

It could take 10, 20, or 30, But eventually, the time will arrive.

How do you tell when it’s time to go?

Here are some indications that your driveway’s concrete needs to be replaced.

  1. Very deep cracks

Suppose you’ve noticed cracks in the concrete driveway. In that case, It’s crucial to know the depth of the cracks, particularly for those who live in warmer climates with a freeze/thaw cycle. Concrete can have disastrous effects.

When the fractures appear just at the surface, you may be able to do away by repairing the cracks.

However, cracks that are deep and potholes cannot always be repaired. If any of these start to appear, we do not need to inform you to completely replace your driveway.

  1. It’s nearing the age of 30, which is

If the driveway you’re using is getting close to 30 years old, is it time to upgrade it.

If it wasn’t installed correctly and maintained or exposed to high levels of traffic or an extreme climate, the structure will begin to wear out faster.

However, typically, at 30 years there are likely to be several indications to wear and tear like cracks, crumbling and staining. This is a clear indication that you’re in need of a new driveway.

  1. There’s standing water.

Concrete that is prone to water-logged areas shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s an indication that the concrete is sinking, which could become a serious problem and could be a reason to replace it.

When water remains in the form of standing on your concrete, it may weaken your driveway further and lead to more cracks or potholes. Additionally, water may also get into the foundation, causing it to collapse.

Potholes that are deep, cracks that are deep as well as standing water are all signs that it’s the right time to replace your driveway made of concrete. If you’re beginning to observe any of these signs get in touch with the experts with Port Aggregates. Port Aggregates has more than 40 years ‘ experience making beautiful concrete pours lasting for decades. Contact us now to inquire about an estimate! Our company has twenty-four locations throughout Australia

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